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Benefits and Drawbacks of Technical Support Outsourcing

by: Mary Christine Galang

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 |

Technical support is a vital part of ensuring continuity of operations and establishing cyber security and data protection.

This means investing in IT infrastructure and facilities and personnel to handle 24-hour support, to begin with. Other essential IT functions include data center operations, network operations, disaster recovery, software development, desktop and desk help support, e-commerce, and software applications services.

Outsourcing to gain competitive advantage

As technology continues to innovate and impact the market, businesses have to keep up with these trends and changes in order to gain competitive advantage. That is why many choose to outsource these specialized services.

It is important to consider the many benefits and some drawbacks of outsourcing your technical support functions.


Staff expertise. You will have access to industry experts and specialists that will not only handle and manage your technical support functions, including back-end tasks but will also manage risk reduction and provide advice on anticipating potential risks and issues.

Access to state-of-the-art technology. This improves productivity, faster response times, and continuous service.

Improved scalability. Outsourcing your technical support means you will be able to boost productivity and handle a larger volume of work at a more efficient pace while ensuring quality. It helps you to be more flexible.

Cost-effective. This means lower overhead expenses, which saves on large expenditures such as office space and equipment. Outsourcing results in significant savings on salaries, since you won't have to worry about traditional salary benefits in-house employees enjoy. Instead, you pay for the support package that fits your specific needs.


Risk of less control. Sharing your operations with a third party has its own risks, including less oversight on a daily basis. However, establishing a standard procedure enhances and ensures an organized flow.

Communication issues. Miscommunication can cause setbacks. It's important that you hire an outsourcing company that is not only fluent in your native language but is also familiarized with your culture that impacts your processes.

To learn more about how technical support outsourcing can work to the advantage of your company, contact MicroSourcing today.


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