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Benefits and Drawbacks of Social Media Outsourcing

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Social Media Pros and Cons

Social media is one of the most efficient tools for budding businesses. It can reach a wide audience, can be adjusted according to a company’s marketing strategy, and can be a platform for customer service.

Some businesses do not have to worry about their social media campaigns because they have enough resources to get the job done, but for small and start-up businesses, it eats up a chunk of their valuable time. In fact, a survey done by Business2Community.com showed that 43 percent of small businesses spend more than six hours weekly on social media.       

If you are thinking about outsourcing social media marketing, here are three things you should consider:    

Social media service providers know what they are doing. These consultants know the ins and outs of the entire social media industry, including the trends and popular innovation that can add value to a marketing campaign. Having the right information would require small businesses to appoint a person internally to manage and do all the research needed for their social media campaigns on top of his/her daily responsibilities. Service providers would be assigned to design and implement a campaign, analyze the target market, maximize the tools, and analyze the results.

They always know when the right time is.
Apart from knowing a thing or two about the behavior of users and consumers, consultants know how to capture a wider audience by publishing an engaging and well-thought out content at the right moment.

Hiring a social media service provider is proven to be cost-effective.
Majority of consultants offer an all-inclusive package where they can work remotely using their own software and hardware. They will be doing the research and reports depending on the requirements of your social media marketing campaign.

For businesses that are strongly considering managing social media operations in-house, here are the key points:

Real-time updates. Any material that you acquire or develop throughout the day can be immediately passed on to your internal social media marketer. There will be no delays and clients no longer need to worry about business partnerships as they only need to treat their social media marketer like a regular employee.

Internal social media marketers will be an extension of the company.
Since the social media marketing marketer will be working for the company instead of with the company, it is relative that he/she would like to bring success to an organization which serves as a representation of himself/herself.

Smooth integration across all internal platforms. Marketing tools such as press releases and informative data can be shared easily if the social media marketer knows how to control all of the online marketing channels simultaneously. This could result to a smoother operation and a wider reach.

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