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Basic Outsourcing Tips for Small Businesses

by: Sarah Joson

Thursday, November 7, 2013 |

Outsourcing is a popular business tool that can help entrepreneurs remain competitive, reduce costs, streamline processes, and take advantage of labor arbitrage.

Small business owners in particular benefit greatly from outsourcing because it allows them to focus on sales and growth, though they would have to address the mounting demand in the market while remaining competitive.     

A post at TheGuardian.com lists down processes that can be easily outsourced by small business owners and how they can guarantee that they are teaming up with the right outsourcing service provider.

Digital PR Management

The growing popularity of online marketing tools has helped businesses to widen their customer base. However, with the rapidly-evolving technology, business owners are having difficulties in learning and implementing the changes to their operations. Apart from creating PR material, they would also need to promote their brand, generate followers, and influence them. There are service providers which have years of experience in handling PR processes. Outsourcing will allow small business owners to free up more time for their core functions.

Email Marketing
Some may say itís a forgotten art, but email marketing is still one of the effective ways to generate leads from your target audience.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to gain access to different types of markets. By making a companyís website searchable in major search engines, users who are looking for products and services similar to what you are offering have a higher possibility in coming across your page.

Project management, admin assistance
These processes are similar to each other mainly because they will be representing you in instances where your presence is required or basic decisions need to be made. Both the project manager and virtual assistant report directly to you - the only difference is project managers work on specific complex tasks and manage a team, whereas virtual assistants usually work on their own.
Human Resources
Basic back office tasks of the HR department can be outsourced. These include making contract drafts, updating employee profiles, etc.

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