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Basic Facts about Online Data Security

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Five Data Security Mistakes

Products and services that prevent security breaches are highly accessible nowadays that it would be imprudent for businesses to ignore the common practice of protecting their online data. However, with these rapid advancements, the strategies and tools of hackers have undergone some tweaks here and there as well, making it more complex for IT leaders and business owners to track and prevent data security attacks.

Memeburn.com shares five data security mistakes that can put the private and sensitive information of businesses at risk:

1. The use of generic passwords
As many of you may have noticed, password protocols have become more sophisticated these days. Users now have to create a password that uses a combination of characters, numbers, and letters. Web and software developers are working twice as hard to create products that are functional, innovative, and secure - only to be acquired by a business owner who disregards data security and uses generic passwords such as Password1.

2. Careless outsourcing practices
Businesses that deal with third party service providers should be extra careful in disseminating information or data with their chosen partners. Not all outsourcing providers are careful with their data security policies and protocol and if they are breached, your company’s data can be exposed to attacks, too.

3. Neglecting updates
System updates are there for a reason. It is used to reinforce your protection against viruses, as well as upgrade your system to match the current changes made by software developers. You wouldn’t want to encounter errors in the future just because you didn’t update your system, would you?

4. Even your mobile device can expose you to threats
Mobile malware was seen shooting up by 400 percent which is why businesses that have enetered the global arena should also be on the lookout for data security issues. Regularly monitor and test all digital properties through mobile devices and ensure that the system is attack-proof.

5. Being too complacent can risk your data

Any business owner should be vigilant about these types of attacks. Having the latest security features is not enough because you have to be a step ahead from these hackers. There’s no room for mistakes so analyze, implement, monitor, and modify regularly.

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