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Back Office Outsourcing and Why Companies Need to Use It

by: Catherine Reyes

Monday, April 24, 2017 |

Back office outsourcing can be defined as a subdiscipline of business process outsourcing (BPO) wherein back office tasks or essential non-client facing support positions are outsourced to onshore or offshore outsourcing companies.

In the evolution of back office outsourcing, we have seen that more and more specialized back office tasks are being handled by BPO companies.

Back Office Outsourcing

Back office outsourcing provides a vital link to businesses to provide them with more technical and robust manpower that will enable small businesses to immediately scale its operations without additional capital expenditures.

Some of the back office jobs that are being outsourced are the following:

  • Human Resource Recruitment
  • Accounting and Finance Services
  • Data Encoding and Data Processing
  • Support Desks

As you can see, these jobs require technical and particular skill sets to be able to perform the tasks expertly.

Companies Need To Use It

With the growing demand to be globally competitive, companies need to cut their operational costs. More often, companies are hesitant to outsource their back office jobs because of perceived loss in operational management.

This is true with traditional outsourcing.

We at MicroSourcing have a solution for this: Managed Operations.

MicroSourcing makes it possible for your organization to have its own operations in the Philippines by way of a unique alternative which delivers the ideal middle ground between outsourcing and starting your own company in the Philippines.

To illustrate:

With this setup, you have your own dedicated team that’s located remotely. You can even set their working hours to coincide with yours or 4-6 hours ahead. That way, your company is literally working while you sleep.

As a company, before you start back office outsourcing it is a must that you a have a solid plan about what your goals are. Is it scalable growth? Is it setting up a permanent team offshore? Whatever your goals are it is important to partner with the right team that will help you achieve your objectives.

Talk to our experts and openly discuss how MicroSourcing will provide top notch services for your back office processes.

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