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Advantages of Project Management Outsourcing

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, June 5, 2015 |

Outsourcing can present numerous advantages to a company’s project management process, and like any business solution, it’s not free of drawbacks. The services it offers has become so diverse now that technology is rapidly changing the way people think, purchase, and interact with other people.

But before we go through the drawbacks and shoot possible project management outsourcing plans down, let’s look at the advantages first as posted at CIO.com.

1) It can be a cost-effective alternative.
Depending on the vendor you are going to work with, outsourcing the project management process could leave you with healthier finances. Of course, apart from the attractive price points, you have to look at the level of expertise, experience, business model, and overhead presented by the vendor. Take a look at your timeline so you can gauge if you need a service provider for a quick solution, or a long-term contract.

2) It will enable you to tap the right talent.
Project management is a process that needs a specific skillset. Though there are a lot of freelance project managers out there, the ones who have the ability to effectively manage multiple resources, follow strict schedules, and work in a high pressure work environment are hard to find. Outsourcing will enable you to have access to talent that is not available in your area.

3) It will enable you to focus and have a different perspective.
Outsourced project managers are known to bring something different to the table. It is a given fact that internal staff are already familiar with the business, project managers complement the campaign by coming up with ideas that might have not been used yet or are trending in whichever segment they are focusing on. They are also hardwired to get the job done, to meet the client’s expectations.
4) Project management outsourcing can open more opportunities.
Once your projects begin to roll out smoothly, word will spread like wildfire that you are the go-to organization, just because you have a well-structured and organized project management team.

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