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8 Time-Consuming Business Tasks You Could Outsource

by: Sidney Liquigan

Thursday, April 11, 2019 |

For your business to grow and keep moving, it is necessary to focus on the tasks that are revenue-generating. But this can be challenging if you try to wear many hats just to keep your business running. There are time-consuming business tasks that are better outsourced to providers that can be trusted to take these tasks out of your hands.

Human Resources

Besides managing compensation and benefits, employee engagement, and employee retention, it is also the responsibility of the HR team to create a sound employee policy as well as keep up with the demands of the ever-changing HR standards and regulations. Outsourcing your HR to more qualified HR specialists will significantly lighten your load and will help manage your employees' needs more effectively.


Payroll tasks are critical and time-sensitive. Ensure that your employees are paid on time and with the correct calculations by outsourcing your payroll to trained professionals. Aside from saving money on eliminated overhead costs and lower labor costs, you also save time on training, as well as on the processing of payroll because these providers have the software and systems to get the job done seamlessly.


The financial aspects of your business must be handled with accuracy and urgency. More than just tracking and processing financial information and making accurate calculations, your accounting department should also be savvy with financial laws and tax policies. Outsource your accounting to professional, certified accountants for your peace of mind.

Customer Support

Providing excellent customer support 24/7 ensures customer satisfaction, which then contributes to a successful business. To make sure that your customers are taken care of all throughout their journey with your business, outsource to a customer support provider that is experienced in this field. This ensures a consistent, high-quality customer service.

Digital Marketing

Promoting your business and your website online takes time and requires strategy. This includes SEO, social media management and marketing, email marketing, and banner ads. Make sure to get measurable results by outsourcing your digital marketing to experts.

Creative Tasks

Creative tasks include graphic design and content creation for your communication materials, as well as developing your branding and identity. Building or updating your website also involve creative tasks, such as web design and content writing and management. These kinds of tasks can be outsourced to a creative agency. When you are busy running your business, these tasks can be easily overlooked. Creative tasks also require specific skills that a typical office may not have. It's better to outsource these kinds of tasks as it won't be necessary to hire permanent in-house staff for them.

Data Management

From data entry to data processing to maintaining records and handling backup and recovery, data management eats a lot of your time and can be boring and repetitive. But there are people who excel at these tasks and outsourcing companies that have the software and systems that simplify the process.

Admin Tasks

Everyday admin tasks can take your time and attention away from core processes. It's either you ignore those emails and focus on revenue-generating activities, or get bogged down by emails and other small tasks and have no more time for your main job. Outsourcing admin support will not only save you time, but it will also save you money as you only pay for the hours rendered, compared to hiring a full-time assistant.

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