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6 IT Processes that can be Outsourced

by: Sarah Joson

Thursday, July 18, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Outsourcing IT Processes

We all have seen businesses outsource basic and repetitive tasks, but only few of them are -confident enough to outsource IT- related processes due to certain risks.

Business owners who are still hesitant about outsourcing IT tasks should look at the advantages instead of focusing on the risks. For instance, proprietors are having a hard time sourcing qualified employees for an urgent position or the demand for their service or product is rapidly increasing and they don’t have enough resources to address it, they are left with no choice but to outsource. Outsourcing has also been proven to help businesses cut labor and operational costs.

Business2Community.com shares six IT processes that, if outsourced, will help increase productivity:

Business applications and software - Instead of working with a developer directly, small companies can purchase prototypes from numerous software development companies that offer various applications - even customizable ones. They can then buy supplementary functions when necessary. For management purposes, they can assign a service provider to handle maintenance and support work for the operation.

Social media marketing - Almost anybody today can create social media profiles and share a thing or two, but only professionals know how social media can be utilized to the benefit of a growing company. Apart from having extra time to focus on core processes, business owners can be guaranteed that they are utilizing the platform properly if they outsource social media marketing.

Online store
- Having an E-commerce website lets businesses become more accessible to customers, but since you will be dealing with highly sensitive data, it is better to hand this work over to professionals who have the capability and know-how in creating an E-commerce website for you.

Customer service - To address all inquiries and get positive feedback, proper customer relationship management should be executed by business owners and executives. They can help organize the data gathered from customers while addressing their concerns.

IT infrastructure - The cloud is the latest tech product that has immensely helped small businesses around the world. A lot of service providers offer various cloud tools such as data storage and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), which can be integrated easily and managed for you. It can also be downsized or increased depending on your needs.

Development and design of corporate website - Your website will be at the forefront when customers search for your company online. Of course, you’d want to be represented in a professional way, which is why you should work with service providers that are able to translate your story properly through your website’s design and overall user experience.  

Business owners should keep in mind that not all processes are fit for outsourcing. They should know which processes can be outsourced and which ones should be kept in-house.

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