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5 Tips to Optimize Social Media Campaigns

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Thursday, September 11, 2014 |

Nothing online happens by chance. This is what makes digital marketing a science. What you see today - a video, comment, GIF - is most likely the by-product of somebodyís social media marketing strategy, a side effect of the globalization of the internet.

Todayís major social networks were never intended to be marketing tools; Facebook was originally for college students to connect, YouTube was a channel for you to share your homemade videos, and Twitter was a platform where friends could keep tabs on each other based on short status updates. Surely, this "age of innocence" did not last long.

The more perceptive amongst us, perhaps those we could refer to as "ahead of their time", saw an opportunity in the internet while the rest of us merely engaged with it. When Matt Wheeler founded his first search marketing business at age 15, he knew the social impact the internet could have, and understood that identifying how different people used the internet would be the key to harnessing its power.

A number of successful businesses and realizations later, Matt builds Driftrock, a platform that helps brands find their audience online, using data from around the web to power better targeted ads. In other words, they have tools to help optimize social media campaigns - itís every digital marketerís dream!

As a bonus, Driftrock shares these five social media campaign optimization tips with Forbes:
  1. Experiment. Digital marketing is a science, so treat it like one. Digital media is highly measurable, therefore you can optimize quickly by piecing the data together. Create experiments with hypotheses and run tests - do more of those that work and conduct more experiments for better performance over time.
  2. Ignore the Facebook Boost button. Facebook has great digital media targeting, but using the boost button on posts doesn't make the most of this. Instead, click "Use Adverts Manager" to create ads and, ideally, Facebookís Power Editor or use third party tools to boost performance.
  3. Jump at the chance to try new ad products. Weíre talking about the early mover advantage - being one of the first lets you enjoy lower costs, more engagement, and reach. Better watch out for new ad formats and features Facebook and Twitter launch every month.
  4. Reach audiences at the right time. Advertising to a given market just doesn't cut it anymore. The mobile world is competitive, so brands need to think about context. There are platforms and tools like Driftrock that let you reach the right people at the right time, like advertising sunscreen when itís sunny or broadband when itís raining.
  5. Use Custom Audience campaigns. Custom Audiences, Tailored Audiences - these ad formats are game-changing. These campaigns are useful for retargeting customers who havenít converted, or marketing to customers similar to your best ones. Driftrock has seen clients scale to hundreds of sales a day, using nothing but Custom Audience campaigns.

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