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5 Reasons Why Companies Should Invest in IT Outsourcing

by: Sidney Liquigan

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 |

Technology plays a big role in business operations. As it evolves, businesses also strive to evolve and adopt new technologies to stay relevant and competitive. Besides, technology is always advancing to improve everyday processes, so it's definitely a smart move for businesses to take advantage of these innovations.

Advantages of investing in IT outsourcing

But not all companies have or can afford a robust in-house IT department. An efficient and cost-effective way to have the support you need is to outsource IT. There are also many other great benefits that you can get from investing in IT outsourcing.

Lower IT Costs

The fixed IT costs of installing an IT infrastructure are a huge investment that can be at risk of going to waste if ever you decide to restructure. Having your own IT infrastructure is very expensive, plus the maintenance costs. And subsequently, you would need to hire IT specialists and pay for their overhead. IT outsourcing offers flexible options at varying costs, which you can customize according to your needs and budget. This service is also easily scalable, with no loss on your end, whenever you decide to either upgrade or scale down.

Seamless Technical Support

Outsourcing to professional IT service providers ensures that you receive comprehensive and secure hardware and software management solutions. They have all the resources and experienced specialists to provide you with an uninterrupted flow of service. Most IT service providers operate 24/7, enabling them to support your business around the clock.

Peace of Mind

Delegating the work to IT professionals gives you a peace of mind that complex tasks and issues are handled competently by qualified experts. Moreover, most IT outsourcing providers can work within mutually agreed service level agreements.

Reduced Risk

Most businesses find it difficult to comply with industry and other governing standards and put comprehensive quality control procedures in place. Outsourcing to specialized providers will ensure adherence to international standards for data security and quality control.

Managed Operations

You can choose from different IT outsourcing models depending on what fits best with your company's processes and needs. A traditional IT outsourcing model is where you outsource all or large portions of your IT operations to a third-party provider. In this model, the external provider has full control of the functions and entails multi-year commitments. There is also the partial outsourcing where you can outsource individual IT processes. Compared to complete outsourcing, partial outsourcing is easier to roll back or assign different areas to different specialized providers. And then there's the managed operations model. This approach combines incorporating and outsourcing in a way that you get to outsource your IT operations but retain full control. MicroSourcing's managed operations model gives more direct control to the client company and keeps costs at an absolute minimum.

Aside from the employees, your company's data is your most important asset. It should be handled with care by well-equipped IT management providers. Take advantage of readily available resources by outsourcing your IT to offshore managed operations providers. Contact us to learn more.

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