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5 Commonly Outsourced IT Functions

by: Mary Christine Galang

Thursday, July 20, 2017 |

The IT outsourcing market has seen a continuous rise and remains to be pervasive among North American companies. Many companies, big or small, from various industries, increasingly rely on IT vendors for a multitude of tasks.

Over the years, companies moved from outsourcing basic tech support services to more complex and advanced operations. IT outsourcing firms have eventually expanded their services to include wireless support, network architecture, email marketing and management, e-commerce consultation, virus protection, and data backup and recovery.

Whatever industry you’re in and however big your company is, many IT functions are inevitable in order to keep your business operations going and secured.

Commonly Outsourced IT Functions

Below are the five most commonly outsourced IT functions:

  1. Email management. This sounds easier than done. But not only does this take care of managing a high-volume stream of emails, an IT team also offers protection against spam, adware, and common digital attacks. 
  2. In-office support. Outsourcing to an IT vendor will ensure that routine performance check-ups, regular maintenance, repairs, and an immediate support for connection, hardware, software, and network devices is available.
  3. Managed hosting. Similar to program leasing, server or application hosting from an IT outsourcing company allows you to access and use a shared server that you can pay for in order to exclusively use a protected server of your own.
  4. Data center outsourcing. From data collection to data storage and backup, third-party IT providers also offer data processing and resources that companies that don’t have their own IT department are equipped with. These include maintenance, updates, space, and of course, a trained staff.
  5. User training. Aside from technical functions, many IT companies also outsource their experts to other companies to conduct training and courses not just in the business sector but also in an educational capacity.

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