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4 Myths about Social Media Advertising

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Thursday, September 10, 2015 |

Common Myths in Social Media Advertising

Some say you should forget about advertising on social media because it is nothing more than opportunity after opportunity to promote your brand through well-crafted posts. However, new data shows that not only can targeted advertising extend your organic marketing campaign, it can also lead to 25% more conversions than organic social.

SocialMediaToday lets us take a look at the four common myths that surround social media advertising and, with the aid of data from AOL Platforms, attempts to debunk them:

Myth: Social media doesn’t work for brands.
Reality: The aggregate contribution of social media on a consumer’s path to purchase is subtle. It may not be the channel to acquire new customers or close sales, but it influences buying decisions.

Myth: There’s no point in paying for ads on social sites because brands can market themselves on them for free.
Reality: Organic social may be great for retention, but targeted advertising shifts the value of social from being strictly an influencer channel to one that efficiently acquires new customer leads to 25% more sales conversions.

Myth: Paid advertising has the same effect on every social site.
Reality: Promoted tweets lead to conversion rates three times higher than non-paid tweets, whereas organic posts on Pinterest generate more conversions.

Myth: All social advertising works the same way, regardless of industry and target audience.
Reality: When it comes to social media advertising’s impact on the path to purchase by product type, the right strategy depends on the vertical market of the brand. For example, paid social works great for professional services, while other product categories will have a hard time using social media to acquire customers.

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