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4 Characteristics of Effective Visual Content

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Thursday, February 5, 2015 |

Tips in Creating Visual Content

PR professionals are embracing the trend of integrating images, infographics, and video into their marketing campaigns to better reach audiences and achieve business objectives. Marketing visual content breaks through the cluttered web and helps you earn more views, shares, and engagement as opposed to publishing posts without rich media.

But what makes an effective visual content marketing material? Here are four characteristics you should keep in mind:

1. Easy to share
Digital marketing is not as simple as creating visuals and hoping they go viral. While your content should be relatable, interesting, consumable, and of high quality, it’s also important to account for how your audience will find it and what channels will amplify it.

2. Accessible
You’re not the only one who wants great visual content to attract and engage audiences - journalists, bloggers, and influencers do, too! Following best practices will help them easily understand, appreciate, and repurpose your content. For instance, create Facebook images that meet the platform’s size requirements and shoot YouTube videos in landscape mode.

3. Eye-catching
You don’t need expensive image creation or video editing software to publish rich media. There are a lot of free graphic design tools like Piktochart and Canva as well as short-form video services like Vine and Instagram for your point-shoot-and-upload needs.

4. User-generated
For a dose of creativity, brand affinity, and authenticity that can be used as part of your content strategy, encourage your fans to share their stories. Great ways to obtain visual content from your most loyal followers include hiring advocates, launching social contests, and engaging on social networks. For all you know, your fans have been dying to share a photo, video or meme with your company.


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