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3D Modeling in the Philippines

by: Sarah Joson

Thursday, August 2, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

The Philippines is known worldwide as the leader in offering voice-based outsourcing services, but the country has long been providing non-voice processes to a wide range of clients from different parts of the world. One of these is 3D modeling.

3D modeling is widely used in several industries such as architecture, computer gaming, movies, and even for educational purposes. For businesses that operate online, 3D modeling is a tool that can help provide a different user experience. Latest software programs and devices enable 3D model designers to come up with high quality outputs that cater to the ever evolving needs of customers.

As more and more countries struggle to find ways to minimize costs for a wide range of services, they resort to 3D modeling outsourcing where work output is at par with other media companies offering this 3D modeling services. The great thing about outsourcing 3D modeling work is that companies can take advantage of the labor arbitrage, enabling them to lower costs in labor and operations without compromising the quality of deliverables.

There are Filipino 3D model designers who are now making waves in the creative design and art industry. Some of the Philippines-based 3D modeling companies are in fact producing 3D games for renowned game publishers from other countries.

Delivery models under 3D modeling outsourcing

Service providers in outsourcing destinations such as the Philippines offer 3D modeling outsourcing through different delivery models:

Clients can outsource 3D modeling work on a per project basis. Also called project outsourcing, the type of work has a specific timeframe and set deliverables. This applies to companies that do not have a constant need for 3D model designers. They can just contact the service provider when necessary.

For long-term 3D modeling requirements, clients can outsource through offshore staff leasing. In this model, the service provider will help look for suitable candidates for the job. They will also be responsible for the workstation, telecom setup, as well as the operations management of the employee/s who will be working exclusively for the client from the offshore location.

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