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3 Tips to Get Your Ad Noticed

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 |

Improve your Click Through Rate

Marketing via Facebook ads has become the norm for businesses. However, this isn't to say that company ads don’t get lost in the abyss on the social network. Ads that aren't well planned - from your organization’s goals for the ad campaign to the design, to the targeting - will most likely be unsuccessful, leaving your organic reach down to nearly nothing and you struggling to reach your customers.

So, how do you succeed when the odds are stacked against you? While it’s true that correct targeting ensures that your ads are reaching the appropriate group of users, there are other ingredients beyond targeting that make a great Facebook ad.

HubSpot shares three ways to help you create captivating ads that will get your prospects clicking:

1. Use attractive images that will appeal to your customer and entice a click.
Avoid using random stock images that have almost nothing to do with the product you’re marketing. That and an image so blasé that your ad just flies past it without anyone taking notice. Use compelling images, or pair your copy with a video. If the consumers like the image or video, they may read more about your offer.

2. Make your customer an offer he can’t refuse.
No, we did not mean like an offer the Godfather would make, but one that would surely make your customer’s time of day. Know what your customers love - deals, sales, freebies? Do they appreciate tips and free downloads like white papers and case studies? Knowing what your customer wants makes an offer worth looking over.

3. Great copy is your best friend.
There are ads that have obviously been produced with a great deal of effort and discussion, but oddly enough, almost do not say anything about their brand or what they offer. Make it easy for people to fall in love with you by creating clear and remarkable ad copies.

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