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3 Basic Tasks that can be Outsourced

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 |

Business Tasks that can be Outsourced

Owners of start-ups and small businesses know the value of having a sustainable budget. Most of them are not just striving to grow their business; they are fighting to survive the tight and brutal market.

Outsourcing has long been one of the go-to solutions for most businesses owners, but how do they exactly know which strategy to stick with? Should they outsource or keep it in-house? Cost seems to be the driving factor for the decision-makers since it is related to time spent on doing the job, the needed skills, along with other resources.

A post at Entrepreneur.com identifies three processes that can be outsourced to help boost productivity and growth of a business:

Design Processes
The core founders of businesses usually do not have the creative skills needed to interpret the essence of a brand. By asking freelancers who are experts in the field, not only do they get great deals in bringing their visions to life, they will also have someone to brainstorm with.

More often than not, their packages include the raw files and fonts used during the initial design stages. This is great news for you because if you have someone within your organization who is knowledgeable on the basic design elements, and have the basic editing/designing software, then you can work on new designs as you go.

Logistics Management
For companies that mass produce merchandise, one key issue that can cause a series of problems is logistics. Soon enough, before initial orders are distributed, they will end up with huge volumes of products and no one to manage them. When this happens, businesses usually resort to several practices. First, they try selling products at a bargain price, which is a major loss for them. Some of them choose to hire people and secure a warehouse which can eat up time and money.

Another option, again, is to outsource. It keeps overhead costs relatively low and minimizes the risk for both the manufacturer and the end-buyer. Outsourcing enables business owners to be flexible where they can scale up or limit operations in an instant.

Specific Expertise
There are easy jobs to fill, and there are complex ones that need more attention. Your company may have a copywriter who can also serve as the designer and accounts person. But it is very hard to find a jack-of-all-trades person for more specific, complex processes such as accounting.

Some organizations help manage operations for small and start-up companies. They are usually located in areas were labor and operational costs are more economical - plus they already have the necessary tools and infrastructure to grow your business. If you need additional specialists, they will be the one to work on that for you. They incubate your operation according to your needs and specifications, and launch it once it’s ready.

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