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2013 Outsourcing Trends for Small Businesses

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Outsourcing is still perceived by some as one of the key contributors to thousands of job losses in the US. They believe that since numerous businesses are farming out jobs to offshore service providers, it is creating an imbalance to the availability of jobs domestically.

Outsourcing has accumulated quite a following over the years, as it has helped even small businesses to grow and remain competitive. In fact, a study done by Elance, an online platform for freelancers and business owners, found that 78 percent of small businesses in the US that outsource experienced numerous benefits.

Business2Community.com shares the latest trends in outsourcing and small businesses:

Technology paves the way for new processes.
The way customer service (a crucial factor to the success of a business) has been done has changed as technology allowed it to be disseminated through different platforms that can be easily accessed by customers.

One of the common platforms is social media, which needs to be managed 24/7 because of its real time nature. It has also enabled business owners to approach consumers at a more personal level, especially to customers who are opinionated and vocal about the minute details of products and services.

Basic and complex tasks are now more defined.
Small business owners are looking to reduce operational costs as well as alleviate risks using remote operations and remote management. Because of the nature of the way things are done in outsourcing operations, business leaders can now clearly identify which operations should be kept in-house and which processes can be outsourced, especially for small businesses that have limited budget or are short in staff.

Mobile applications will play a major role.
Mobile apps will be used by small business owners to make processes easier and faster since this type of technology can eliminate unnecessary steps and can boost production. Also, it will be easier for managers to monitor the progress of a project because these apps can be customized according to the needs of the project.

Everything still depends on the small business owners.

No matter how much the small business and outsourcing environment changes, it is still up to the business owners if they want to adapt, be more innovative or avoid altering anything. After all, there are other external factors that go beyond these trends such as the changes in technology, global economic condition, and social environment which can affect even the best strategies created by business experts.

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