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15 Ways to Improve Company Updates

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Thursday, May 7, 2015 |

Ways to raise your content marketing game

Are you looking for more ways to raise your content marketing game? Sharing relevant content from your company page is a powerful way to reach and build relationships with potential customers. Here are 15 ways to drive better results from your company updates:

  1. Think like a journalist. When it comes to communicating your message, time is of the essence. Get to the point and capture your readers' attention with strong, snappy headlines and concise intros.
  2. Always include a clear call to action. Compared to updates without links, including a link can drive twice the engagement.
  3. Ask thoughtful questions to involve your audience. Questions that are relevant to your target audience are the ultimate conversation starters. 
  4. Always include an image or some type of rich media. An update that includes an eye-catching image or some form of rich media automatically stands out in news feeds. Also, images generally result in a 98% higher comment rate.
  5. Before posting, double check that an image appears. Attach an image that is appropriate to the external content you’re linking to. And make sure that it appears on your update.
  6. Post YouTube videos to encourage sharing. LinkedIn lets links to YouTube videos play directly in the feed. Video links usually result in a 75% higher share rate.
  7. Make your content valuable. Again, the modern audience has a short attention span. For them to share your posts with their networks, create high quality content that is quick to consume.
  8. Avoid hypertargeting. You only end up excluding potential audiences by adding so many targeting filters. 
  9. Test to understand your audience. Experiment to find the right balance. This means mixing entertaining and inspirational posts with informative and insightful updates.
  10. Create an editorial calendar, but react timely to events. Rely on your editorial calendar as a guide, but also be pliant enough to respond to relevant news, topics, and trends.
  11. Engage with members through comments. Always keep the conversation going, but remember to settle sensitive issues through email or private messages. Develop a plan for proactively handling any customer service issues that may surface. Keep close watch over discussions and remove inappropriate comments.
  12. Monitor, analyze, and refine your content. Take advantage of available analytics and insights - LinkedIn and Facebook offer this feature for free. Pay attention to the audience targeting, types of content, time of day and frequency that drive the highest engagement - and do more of that.
  13. Sponsor your best content. Sponsored posts allow you to reach your target audience beyond your existing followers. Identify your top-performing content and sponsor it.
  14. Evaluate and optimize your Sponsored Updates and/or boosted posts. Detailed reporting tools let you monitor the performance of your Sponsored Updates and/or boosted posts and make the adjustments to make them more effective.
  15. Don’t be tied to just the work week. People are on social media virtually 24/7 and engage with Sponsored Updates and boosted posts across devices throughout the week, with strong engagement through the weekend. Consider adopting an always-on approach.


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