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11 Unconventional Social Media Hacks to Drive Website Traffic

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Friday, August 1, 2014 |

An effective social media marketing strategy has a positive impact to business growth and sales. Shareaholic, a discovery and sharing platform, tracked 300,000 websites over four months and found that 30% of websitesí overall traffic comes from social media referrals.

If your business website falls below this benchmark, you may want to review your social media strategy. And even if your site does receive more visits from social media than that rate, you might still want to know what more you can do.

Entrepreneur lists a few unusual yet effective social media marketing strategies to drive branding, clicks, and conversions:

1. Catch a readerís attention with custom-formatted tweets.
A lot of companies are going by the notion of getting noticed by tweeting several times in 15 minutes, so it's easy for your tweet to get lost in a stream of live feeds. Catch a readerís attention by using line breaks or a unique font color - a welcome change to the monotony of short-term messaging. To make your business tweet stand out even more, include a refreshing emoji or a fun symbol.

2. Make your posts longer.
Because Twitter has a 140-character limit, you can use other platforms like Google+ and Facebook to encourage conversation with your longer posts.

3. Create and build Facebook Groups.
Is your Facebook pageís organic reach decreasing? If so, you should consider creating and managing Facebook Groups. One advantage for members is that they can opt in to receive direct notifications about updates.

4. Add spice to common Facebook posts with call-to-action buttons.
Embedded call to actions drive traffic and generate more customer leads.

5. Market across social media platforms.
Turn your Facebook fans into Twitter followers and your LinkedIn connections into contacts that circle your Google+ page. Regularly share on every social network to be top-of-mind among your followers.

6. Facilitate meaningful connections.
Identify like-minded folk among your clients, customers, and users and encourage them to interact with one another. You will help birth relationships that will always reference you as a common interest, strengthening their love for your brand.

7. Crowdsource user-generated content and display powerful visuals.
Leverage platforms that allow businesses to market using user-generated content to share moments that show the true meaning of your brand to your customers.

8. Embrace your inner weirdness.
Playing safe does not guarantee success. Take a few calculated risks that may move your audience to admire your companyís authenticity and laugh, smile, and share.

9. Stand behind your actions.
The best entrepreneurs are those who know when to drop a bad customer and can do so without regret. Not all wildly upset customers are right, and when a company is forward, honest, and entirely reasonable with their responses, it can count on the support of social media users and gain many new paying clients.

10. Share positive points of view.
Instead of joining angry mobs, find something positive and uplifting about important issues that your audience cares about. People enjoy optimism and you are more likely to be followed on social media if you share happier updates.

11. Suggest a certain format for responses.
To avoid canned replies when posting an open-ended question, nudge your followers into a certain mindset. Suggest a certain format for responses to see how creative your followers are.

Bonus tip: A celebrity takeover.
For businesses that have the networking capabilities or the necessary financial resources to recruit a celebrity for the job, a social media account takeover can build up a lot of buzz. Just be careful about selecting the talent for the task and clear about posting guidelines.

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