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A Professional Partner in the Philippines

MicroSourcing has been operating in the Philippines since 2004, first as the in-house delivery center of a Dutch internet company and since 2006 as a provider of managed operations services in the Philippines. In this time, our company, capabilities, and expertise have expanded hugely. The success of our innovative managed operations has sparked many companies in the Philippines to adopt our model and follow our example. As the first provider of these services, we are still far ahead of our competitors.

Scale MicroSourcing is the largest provider of managed operations services. We currently have 4339 employees working for more than 222 clients. We operate from 7 delivery centers in 6 locations in Manila and Cebu. This means we have the size and resources to enable your operations to ramp up quickly and effectively.
Partnership with Salmat In December 2013, MicroSourcing joined the Salmat group of companies with Salmat acquiring 50% of our company. Salmat is a large Australian customer engagement solutions firm listed on the Australian stock exchange. Our partnership with Salmat further expands our resources, expertise, and global reach.
Strong Management Team We have more than 200 seasoned professionals working in our management team and services departments. Through the years, we have been able to attract the most senior executives with decades of experience in the Philippine outsourcing industry. Our multinational senior leadership team comprises seasoned professionals with a strong background in strategy and IT consulting.
International Certifications MicroSourcing is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. We also host and manage a number of PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant operations. We are highly experienced in setting up and managing highly data secure- and compliance-driven operations. Our largest clients are from the financial services, insurance, and healthcare industries.
Sophisticated Systems MicroSourcing has developed its own in-house enterprise management systems to run our day-to-day management and support processes. All our clients, employees, and management operate from this web-based system, which helps us streamline and standardize all the processes forming part of our managed operations services.
Extensive Experience We have helped more than 150 companies establish their own managed operations in the Philippines. These companies come from a wide range of industries and all come with their own unique set of requirements. By now, we have become true experts in a wide range of disciplines and our experts can help you assess the possibilities your company may have in the Philippines.

We are the leading provider of managed operations services in the Philippines and we are working continuously on further improving our services.