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Employee Engagement

We are very proud of our talent acquisition capabilities. Finding the right people is great but it's more important to keep them engaged and committed to your company. The outsourcing industry is plagued by high employee attrition numbers - as high as 50-60% per annum. It is hard to operate successfully if you lose half of your workforce each year. At MicroSourcing, we have invested heavily in our employee engagement and retention initiatives and the results are impressive:

MicroSourcing Employee Engagement 2019 Employee Engagement score of 76%
We use a professional Australia-based services provider for our annual employee engagement survey. They use a highly scientific survey which is taken fully anonymously to guarantee impartial results:
  • Overall employee engagement score of 76%
  • This is 6% higher than the industry average.
  • We are among the top 29% of more than 3000 surveys taken by the Voice Project.

There are couple of things that have contributed greatly to our high employee engagement scores:

Family Orientation MicroSourcing is a family-owned and operated business. The founders have made every effort to make MicroSourcing as family-oriented as possible. This shows in the warmth of our people and the way we welcome new people to MicroSourcing.
Client Engagement Our managed operations model ensures that our clients are heavily involved in daily operations. This also makes them highly visible to our employees and most of our clients treat their Filipino staff as their own. This high level of client engagement is one of the major factors driving employee loyalty and commitment. We also coach our clients on how to best work with their Filipino staff.
Engagement Activities The Filipino people are highly social by nature and generally love company organized parties and events. We have a very busy calendar featuring events for Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, plus the MicrOlympics (sports), summer outing, and monthly get-togethers. We also have our MicroClubs where employees with similar interests, like photography, music and sports, can come together.
Corporate Social Responsibility A fixed percentage of our revenue goes into our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund. This fund is managed by a dedicated CSR manager who organizes and executes our CSR programs. Our employees can get actively involved in many programs.
A Good and Fair Employer We make every effort to ensure we are a good and fair employer. We orient our clients on the labor code of the Philippines and the MicroSourcing policies around common HR scenarios such as disciplinary actions, performance management, and employee benefits.
Employee Assistance We go out of our way to assist our employees both in their work and personal lives. We have our own clinics, nurses, and a pharmacy. We provide additional health insurance to our employees and do our own in-house annual vaccinations and physical exams. We regularly organize events around topics such as health, work-life balance, personal finances, and other lifestyle aspects.
Quality work spaces Our work environment looks nothing like the usual mass work floors filled with hundreds of tiny call center cubicles. We have open floor plans with plenty of workspace and optional partitioning. Our warm and friendly working climate shows clearly in our offices.

Our people are our most important resource and we do all we can to assure their well-being at MicroSourcing.