Web Design Outsourcing Philippines

Web Design Outsourcing

Web Design is an art. The primary responsibility of a Web Designer is to create a website that captivates an audience and draws the viewer to the main purpose of the website. A good Web Designer is capable of giving a website the look and feel and the navigation it needs to achieve those goals.

The web design process typically starts with a good analysis of the requirements of the client including the purpose of the website and the target audience. From there, the specifications are worked out in more detail including the website’s look and feel, color scheme, site structure, and functionality. Once the specifications are worked out, the Web Designer will typically start by making a graphic mockup of the website which can then be reviewed by the client. Once the client approves a mockup, the Web Designer can create the website template and work towards a first version of the website typically containing the homepage and the different types of content pages. Once all the page layouts and site structure have been approved, the Web Designer will work with a content editor to finish the website and get it launched. The work typically does not end there and the Web Designer is usually retained to make changes to the website. Some talented Web Designers may be able to execute the full web design cycle by themselves. The web design process will usually involve a team consisting of graphic designers, web designers, back-end developers, content editors, and online marketing specialists.