Outsourcing Case Study - Small Creative Project

Client Case Study: Ruffneck Scarves

Service Delivery Model: Offshore Project Outsourcing
Discipline: Graphic Design

Client Description

Ruffneck Scarves is a US-based company that designs and manufactures soccer-style scarves which are created not only for various sport clubs and teams but also for schools, companies, and other organizations.

Services we Provide to the Client

On May 1, 2007, we were contacted by Ruffneck's General Manager who asked us if it would be possible for us to design scarves on a per project basis. The discussions with Jeff were quick and productive. He gave us a sample project to design blue 'Yankee Hater' scarves. Two days after our first contact, we sent him the sample designs you can find below. That same day, we signed an agreement and we now design scarves for Jeff's company on a per project basis. Every time Jeff needs a new scarf design, he simply directly contacts his Graphic Designer at MicroSourcing and provides the project details. Within 48 hours, we guarantee Jeff his new designs and we bill him on a monthly basis for the days that his designer worked on the project.

Graphic Design Samples - Outsource Graphic Design

MicroSourcing's Added Value

Through MicroSourcing, Jeff has found the flexible and low-cost solution he was looking for. He does not have to retain his own full-time Graphic Designer in the US or use expensive design agencies. He has no fixed costs and can budget the use of his MicroSourcing Designer to the penny. This is a perfect example of a MicroSourcing Creative Services project.

For us, Ruffneck Scarves is the ultimate example of 'Micro Outsourcing' and our ability to deliver custom solutions. Even though this project did not fall within our standard Staff Leasing solutions, we discussed the possibilities with Jeff, did the math, and found a way to provide Jeff with the services he was looking for.